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Take part in Duel Con 2013 and prepare for COMBAT! Warhammer 40k and Warmachine / Hordes beat down action!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Warmachine/Hordes events for Duel Con 2

Duel Con 2013 Warmachine Events
All Events will run death clock.
Fully painted armies will be eligible for prize raffles during each tournament.


Warmahordes Team Tournament:
Check In: 10:00 am, Start 11:00 am
50 points
Steamroller 2013 rules 
2nd List Optional
3 Man Teams (Ranked Team Members)

Mangled Metal Tooth and Claw:
Check in 8:00pm, Start 9:00 pm (or at end of Team Tournament)
20 points -Battle group only (hard core time limits)


Warmahordes 50 point SR2013 Tournament:
Check in : 8:00 am, Start 9:00 am
50 points
Standard Steamroller 2013 rules
2nd List Optional

Warmahordes Story based Event :
Check in : 6:00 pm, Start 7:00 pm (or after end of 50 point Tournament)
35 points lists. There will be an Attacking side and Defending side. Battles will start in the open country and move into the city itself. 
2 list optional. Timed “rounds” to keep things moving


Warmahordes 50 point “Master format” Tournament
Check in : 9:00 am, Start 10:00 am
50 points 
SR2013 Masters rules: Three Lists required

Warmahordes 35 point SR2013 Tournament:
Check in : 10:00 am, Start 10:30 am
35 points
Standard Steamroller 2013 rules, Accelerated times
2nd List Optional


  1. What do you mean by (Ranked Team Members)

    and for Mangled Metal Tooth and Claw: what if my battle box is less than 20 points can I add more models/units?

  2. Specialist on the main event on Saturday?

  3. A little late response as I just saw these here.
    -Check the pdf of the rules Duel con has posted. I sent in an updated one a while ago that answers most questions.
    -Rank team members is: Rank 1-3. You pick who is which on your team.
    -Specialists are allowed.
    - Mangled Metal Tooth and Claw is 20 points battlegroup only. So your caster+20 points of battle group. It does not have to be your battlebox.