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Take part in Duel Con 2013 and prepare for COMBAT! Warhammer 40k and Warmachine / Hordes beat down action!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We are proud to announce that 40kegger will be at Duel Con 2. Greg and the lads have also donated prize support for all the 40k events!

The 40kegger promotes a philosophy in tabletop wargaming that is starting to gain recognition from the gaming community across North America. If you ask a member of the 40kegger community what the organization is all about, they will tell you that the 40kegger is more than a club, it is a culture and a way of merging the hobby with positive stereotypes.

The 40kegger throws an annual event in Winnipeg that is recognized for breaking the status quo on gaming tournaments. With the focus put on socializing and celebrating the game/hobby, the event is growing more and more every year as people want to take an occasional break from the standard tournament circuit and enjoy a relaxed environment. The 40kegger also throws an 8 month long 40k Beer League. Following the sports beer league model for baseball and hockey, the 40k Beer League has occupied many "man caves" across Winnipeg with some fun nerdgames, good times, and lots of beer.

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